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Caribbean Sailboat Charters

Come live the life onboard a Caribbean sailboat charters or explore Caribbean sailboat rental or maybe even a superyacht (Super Yacht)...! We call them the race car drivers of our sport. Quick Stable and responsive, some of these sailboat charters are the fastest and best handling of any of the worlds sail boats.They offer high speed sailing without compromising performance.Unlike many sailboat charters, they open a world of endless variety; sailing, swimming, fishing, diving, water skiing, or just fooling around on the water. Call us and we will help you with your Caribbean Sailboat charters for years to come.
Caribbean Sailboat Charters
Titan XIV Sailing Charters - Caribbean sailing yacht charters
Here is possibly the worlds top captain and crew team. Captain Pexton makes sure flowers and newspapers are on board during your vacation. It is these little things which separates him from the rest of the captains, when ever we have book Titan xiv over clients have come back totally overjoyed.

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Taboo Sailing Charters - Caribbean yacht charters
Taboo is one of few high-end luxury sailing yachts whose captain and crew are willing and eager to sail any island from Grenada to The Virgin Islands. Almost all vessels are based in small island locations like (we just do the Virgins) Taboo does them all. Miranda the chef I feel is the best chef in the entire Caribbean Miranda also comes with a charming joyful attitude. Captain David and Miranda;s son Travis run Taboo so it is a family affair.

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Shaitan Sailing Charters - Grenada sailing yacht charter
Here is the perfect yacht for enjoying the Grenadines. Shaitan sleeps 8 adults in 4 cabins and 2 extra small children in bunks above 2 of those same cabins. We term Shaitan the perfect 8 guest vessel and her rate per week is fantastic for 8 guests. Henry your captain is a great gentleman, wonderful with children. Expect world-class cuisine when on board.

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XTC Sailing Charters - sailing yacht charter
Here is a high-end sailing yacht designed for the affluent family. A sleek modern luxury yacht designed for the Mediterranean where the rich and famous play. XTC is in the Caribbean at this time.

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Three Moons Sailing Charters - Sailing Virgin Islands
Captain Randy and Shelly Tucker have run and owner Three Moons for the past 10 years. What a wonderful couple, Shelly does nails for the ladies and massages for everyone as she is qualified. The cuisine on board this Virgin Island sailing yacht is world-class so many innovative ideas come from Shelly and both a fun to be around. A stewardess on board is Charlotte Hancock to assist with the high-end service.

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Endless Summer Sailing Charters - Virgin Island yacht charters
Here is your perfect family operated business. Captain Barry markets and captains the yacht, his wife Rosalind is the chef and their 18 year old daughter is crew deckhand and dainty stewardess. When it comes to sailing yachts in the Virgin Islands then this is by far my favorite yacht and crew team. World-class everything, cuisine, meal presentation as well as 4 equal cabins for guests.

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Liberte Sailing Charters - sailing vacations
Liberte has a crew team which also rank as one of the top 5 best in the Virgin Islands, Captain Gordon Momson is one of the nicest men I have ever met and he has gathered a wonderful crew team to support him during your 1 week charter on board. Lizane your chef is the very best and first mate is Jacques
Erasmus, all selected from hundreds of eager applicants. This team over the past 2 years has proved to be one of the very best out there.
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Aloha MaloloSailing Charters - Sail Yacht BVI
Captain Eric and Chef Evelyn are a wonderful crew team and provide top class value for for world-class meals and service. A great well designed smaller yacht for 6 guests. A value sailing vacation.

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Crystal Clear Sailing Charters - sailing yacht vacations
Captain Charlie is the perfect gentleman to be around during your vacation, at times he pulls out his guitar and sings for guests. Captain Charlie has the perfect wife in Caroline, who is brilliant with people and brilliant when it comes to your cuisine. Here is good value for an all-inclusive week on board.
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Stenella Sailing Charters - Caribbean sailing vacations
Captain Andrew has a smile that is captivating, he is very charming fun and friendly. Stenella is maintained to the highest standards and safety requirements. At one annual boat show Stenella won best sailing yacht at the show and the same night was also voted the best overall boat on show. Know that you are getting the best of all worlds when booking Stenella.

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